How to Setup Document Templates

See Also: Creating Document Templates 

Trackops offers the ability to automatically produce reports, letters, and other standard forms through the use of "Document Templates".  Document Templates can be created using Open Office (an open source word processor), Microsoft Word, or Google Docs (an online word processor).

Note:  If you already have templates created in another word processor, open them inside Open Office or Google Docs, double check the formatting, and then re-save them in ODT format.

Creating a document template is as simple as inputting pre-defined variables into your document, and then uploading it to your Trackops system.  To access a list of available variables, go to the Settings tab, click Document Templates, and then click New Document Template.  From here, click the View Template Variables link (shown below).


Tip: For a sample report template, download one of the attached sample reports below. Please note, variable names inside the sample report may differ from your system based on your custom field names.  Before uploading the sample template, compare the variable names in the document to those listed in the "View Template Variables" section.

Once you have uploaded your document template, make sure you check the boxes next to the case types that you want this document template to be available for.


Now that the document template has been uploaded to the system, you can generate a new document from inside a case (of the appropriate case type).

Sample Report Templates

To help you get started, download one of the sample document templates below.  Please note, any subject variables stored in the sample document may differ from the ones you have created in your system.  Be sure to compare the variables in your document to the available variables in your system.

  • Field Investigation Report - Merge Fields.docx - This is a Microsoft Word template, and is the recommended sample document to work with for learning to build an investigative report using Microsoft Word.
  • Field Investigation Report.docx - This is a Google Docs template (compatible with Microsoft Word) that does not utilize the Merge Fields features. If you are using Google Docs to learn how to build a an investigation report, this is the recommended sample template.
  • Sample Report.odt - This is an Open Office report template that should be used with Apache Open Office writer, a free and open source alternative to Microsoft Word.
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