Managing Employee Licenses

Trackops provides you with the functionality to manage and monitor your employee licenses, insurance, certifications, and other important credentials that periodically need to be renewed.  


To enter a new license, go to an employee or vendor's profile, click the New button, and then select License from the sub-menu.

    • Name - The name of the license/certification, as you want it displayed on a list.
    • License Number - The number or unique identifier that is associated with this license, if one exists.
    • Country - The country that this license was issued in.
    • State/Province - The locale where this license was issued, or is valid in.
    • Expires On - The date that this license expires.  The system will automatically send notifications when a license is nearing expiration, and again once it has expired (see below for more information).
    • Notes - Any notes or related information about this license.
    • Image - A scanned image of the license, or certification card.  The system will accept any web image (.jpg, .gif, or .png). It's always a good idea to upload the largest and highest quality image you have, as the system will automatically resize it for you.


Once a license is created, it will be available from the license list (Staff > Licenses), as well as the "Licenses" tab from inside an employee or vendor's profile.

Renewing a License

To renew a license, find the license in the license list, by going to Staff > Licenses, and clicking on the name of the license. 

Note: You can also access an employee's license list by navigating to their user profile and clicking the Licenses tab at the top.

From here, click the Renew button in the upper right.  Enter the new expiration date in the "Expires on" field and click Renew License.

Customizing Expiration Notification Templates

You can customize your notification email templates to specify the number of days before a license is expired to send a notification (as shown below), as well as when the license expires.
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