Using Mobile Event Check-Ins

Often times, investigators are tasked to work cases that are far away, expensive to setup, or require punctual arrival to obtain optimal results.  Unfortunately, there are scenarios where the investigator does not arrive at an event on time, or in some cases, does not show up at all.  In order to provide a consistent and high quality product for your client, it is important to ensure that investigators are in the right place at the right time in order to do the job.

Through the use of the Trackops Mobile App (for iOS and Android), investigators have the capability to check-in to their events and tasks upon arrival with the tap of a button.  When an investigator checks in to an event, their current geo-coordinates are captured, timestamped, and logged on the respective task/event.  This convenient process allows managers to audit events and ensure that investigators have arrived at their scheduled events without the need for a phone call or email.   In addition, the check-in process allows you to confidently provide your clients with case results, along with physical proof that the your investigator was on site to conduct the investigation.

Checking In From the Trackops Mobile App

After logging into the mobile app, navigate to the Agenda tab, locate the task or event you wish to check in to, and tap on the activity.  Once on the task or event, you will see a Blue Check In Button, located below the activity map, as shown below:

Assigned to Event (Blue button) Not Assigned to Event (Gray Button)
event-show-assigned.jpg event-show-unassigned.jpg

Note: It is important to note that only users who are directly assigned to an event can check-in to that event (indicated by the blue check-in button), regardless of user role or access level. 

Once the check-in is complete, the Last Check-In date will update to show today's date and time.  A user can check-in to an event as often as necessary (e.g. every hour, every 2 hours, etc...) to maintain compliance.

Tracking Breaks 

In order to comply with local regulations, or just to ensure your investigators are able to take uninterrupted breaks throughout their day, Trackops offers the ability for an investigator to indicate they are On Break during the check-in process, as shown below:  


When an investigator indicates they are on a break, the icon to the left of the check-in history (see check-in history below) will change from a checkmark to a red circle to indicate the break.


The next time the investigator attempts a check-in, the break indicator will reset to the off position, and will require a manual action to record another break.

Viewing Check-In History for an Event

At any time, a manager can review the check-ins for a given event by navigating to the event and scrolling down to find the Check-Ins section.  If the event has had successful checkins, they will be listed like so:


Check-ins can also be viewed via the Trackops mobile app by clicking on the Last Checkin At date, located above the checkin button.

Note: It is important to note that a user can still check-in to an event, even if no address is present on the event itself.



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