Configuring/Resetting Your MFA Token

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an extra level of protection on your account beyond your username and password.  To get started, be sure you have a smart device with a compatible authenticator app downloaded and installed.

There are a number of authentication applications that will accomplish the same thing, so if you already use an authentication app, please consult the instructions for the configuration (must be Google Authenticator compatible).  If you do not already have an MFA application, we recommend downloading Google Authenticator, which is currently available for Android and iOS/iPhone. 

Configuring an MFA Token for your Account

To enable MFA, go to your user profile (i.e. click on your name in the upper right corner), and click Enable next to the MFA Security section of the overview page:


The system will will reveal a unique QR Code and secret code.  Using your smartphone MFA application (e.g. Google Authenticator), add a new entry for your Trackops account.  You can accomplish this by taking a photo of the QR Code (if your MFA application provides this feature), or by manually entering the secret code displayed beneath the image.

Once you're sure the new account has been setup properly inside your MFA application, enter active 6-digit code provided by your application into the Verify MFA Code box located below the QR Code.  Once entered, save the form.  If the test passes, you are good to go, and are now protected by Multi-Factor Authentication.  If there is a problem with the code entered, the system will prompt you to enter a new code.

IMPORTANT: Once MFA is enabled, you will be required to enter the 6-digit code each time you login, as shown below.  If you have lost your phone or do not have access to your device, you will not be able to login until MFA has been disabled for your account.  

Resetting your MFA Token

Should you need to reset your token (i.e. generate a new secret code), you can easily do this from your profile.  To start, go to your user profile (i.e. click on your name in the upper right corner), and click the Reset link, located on the the overview page: 


This will generate a new image, and new secret code.  Once reissued, you will need to register the new token with your MFA application, as described above.  

Disabling your MFA Token

If you wish to disable MFA authentication for your account, simply click the Disable link located next to the MFA Security section on the overview screen of your user profile:


If you have lost your MFA device, please contact your system administrator for assistance, and reference this article.

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