What's New in Trackops: November 2023

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High Resolution Logos and Thumbnails

  • When uploading your company logo(s), the system will now generate retina supported images which make your logos look higher resolution and more crisp. This change affects all logos, including your display logo, print logo, and email logo. If you already have logos uploaded to the system you'll need to re-upload a high quality version of your logo to take advantage of this update.
  • When uploading photos to your case, thumbnails will now be generated with retina support for higher resolution on supported devices.

Support for Locality in Address Autocomplete

  • Address auto-complete can now detect and populate a more granular "locality" (e.g. Bronx, Brooklyn, etc...) for the city instead of always using the actual city (e.g. New York City).

More Granular "Settings" Reporting in History Audit

  • The History Audit report (Reports tab) now includes more granular logging for changes to system settings, including which settings were changed.
  • The History Audit report now allows for filtering by organization to isolate activities for certain clients or your own organization.

Un-Billed Expense Detection

  • When generating an invoice via the "Billing" tab on a case, the system will now alert you when there are unapproved (awaiting review) expense entries on the case that may need to be addressed.  This change will ensure that you don't forget to approve all expenses before billing.
  • After generating an invoice, the system will alert you if there are un-billed expenses left to invoice.  This update will make sure you've linked all of your expenses to your invoice which will improve profitability reporting and ensure you've billed for all of your time and expenses.

Case Type Budget Strategy

  • While configuring a case type (Settings tab), It is now possible to adjust the type of budget you wish to track, making it easier to capture the appropriate budget (or none at all) on certain types of cases.  Available choices are:
    • Disabled (do not track budget)
    • Hours and Money (default)
    • Hours only
    • Money only
  • While editing a case type you can now mark the budget as "required" to ensure the person entering the case fills in a budget (zero values are allowed).
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