What's New in Trackops: October 2023

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Advanced Search Upgrades

  • The Advanced Search throughout the system has been improved to be less intrusive and handle more filtering more options. Most lists throughout the system now take advantage of this new interface.
  • It is now possible to save common searches to make them more readily available on your search bar.  After running a search via the advanced search, the application will allow you to save that search for future use.  Saved searches can be managed via your profile on the Saved Searches tab.
  • Most searches that include date ranges now offer a Period filter, which allows you to quickly filter cases by a certain time period (i.e. this month, this year, etc...).  Not only does this speed up searches for common date ranges, but this also allows you to save date sensitive searches for future use.
  • Search filters that are in-use now display in a compact and precise format on the list.  When are viewing a filtered list, the system will now display the activated filters along with options to save or clear the search.

Search and Export Expense Entries with Receipts

  • It is now possible to search for expenses entries that contain receipts. 
  • Expense Entry exports now contain a column that indicates if the expense entry contains a receipt.

Updated Address and Geolocation Provider

  • Trackops now uses Mapbox as the primary provider for Geolocation and mapping activities.  The Trackops Subprocessor List has been updated to reflect this change.

Invoice Summary Update: Dates of Service

  • The invoice summary, if enabled, will now contain the Dates of Service, which is a date range of service dates on the invoice.

Aging By Client Report Updates

  • The Aging by Client report has been updated to take into account all outstanding invoices, not just overdue invoices.  This change makes the report more compatible with traditional client aging reports that allow you to see outstanding invoices at any time, regardless of their invoice status today.
  • The Aging by Client report now links to the new Aging Detail report (see below) where previously it linked to the Invoice List.
    • Note: To find overdue invoices for a certain period, simply head to the Invoice List and use the Filter dropdown to select Past Due invoices from any period.  This will display invoices that are currently outstanding.
  • A new Aging Detail report has been added to display the details of the updated Aging by Client report.  Previously the report linked directly to the invoice list, however this change is necessary to display the accurate list of invoices that are calculated on the updated Aging by Client report.

Search Expense Entries and Payment Slips by User Role

  • The advanced search filters on both the expense entries list and payment slips list now allow filtering by "Role", making it easier to narrow down expenses and payment slips for a certain subset of staff.


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