What's New in Trackops: December 2023

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Product Update "News" is now "What's New"

  • You're reading it.  Previously, product update announcements were released via the "News" banner in the app which was updated less frequently to avoid repeated banner appearances.  We have now migrated these updates to this section, making it easier to provide routine updates to the list of improvements without interference. 
  • A link to this document is now located in the application navigation under Help > Product Updates.

Client Location & Contact Filtering

  • It is now possible to search, sort, and filter locations and contacts inside a client profile.  Previously, the ability to search within the context of a specific client profile was not available.
  • You can now delete/undelete locations and contacts from within a client profile.

Case Migrations with Related Cases

  • It is now possible to optionally maintain related case (and case request) relationships when migrating a case out of a series and into a new series of cases.  Previously, all previous case (and case request) relationships were always removed during this process. 

Update Language Support (including Emojis 🎁)

  • The Trackops language model has been updated to improve performance and better support international character sets. 
  • The system now has full emoji support throughout, including in messages and case updates.

Improved Upload Success for Unstable Connections

  • We have added some additional technology to better handle large uploads on connections that are intermittent or throttled.  This upgrade provides better retry handling and improved chunking which should lead to better outcomes for customers with packet loss or other connectivity issues.
  • Note: Processing (post upload actions) of very large uploads (1GB+) may take longer to account for these changes.

Total Expensed Hours in Case List

  • A new column has been added to the case list that provides the total number of hours expensed on a case. This column is disabled by default, but can be added to your list via the Customize List link.

Overdue Invoices by Client Report

  • A new report has been added to track overdue invoices by client.  This report is similar to the Aging by Client report, however it only tracks currently overdue invoices and does not adjust based on period the way the aging report does.  
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