What's New in Trackops: January 2024

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Case Assignment Recommendation Engine

  • It is now possible to get investigator recommendations for the best available staff member when assigning an investigator from the case overview or the assign tab.  This feature allows you to get a better picture of your investigators' qualifications before assigning them to a case.  
  • The investigator recommendation engine is also available when assigning investigators to events or tasks.

Option to Send Files as Expiring Links or Physical Attachments via Updates

  • Previously all file attachments were always sent as expiring links or physical file attachments, as determined by the the Default Physical Attachments setting in your General Case Settings
  • A new option is now available when sending updates to toggle physical attachments on or off and the Default Physical Attachments setting now controls the default behavior of sending links or physical attachments.
  • Note: Large files that are too big to be sent as physical attachments will always be sent as links, regardless of this option.

Additional Task/Event Status Filters

  • The ability to filter the task and/or event list by the activity status is now available on the advanced search panel.
  • The ability to see filter all events and tasks by `Incomplete` (i.e. any not complete status) is now available on the Filter menu.

Mobile App Updates

  • The Trackops Mobile App has been updated with several improvements and performance enhancements for the next generation of iPhones and Android devices.  New releases are now available on the app store.

Inactive Session Expiration Time Setting

  • With a new year brings new security guidance. It is now possible to configure the Inactive Session Timeout setting in your User Security Settings to control the duration of sessions for your logged in users.
  • This setting can now be configured anywhere from 15 minutes to 480 minutes (8 hours) based on your acceptable risk tolerance.  For increased security, It is recommended to keep this value as short as possible.
  • Previously, all inactive sessions were capped at 30 minutes.

Minimum Password Length Update

  • The minimum password length, as defined in your User Security Settings, is now set to 12 characters (previously 8).  This will not affect existing configurations, but it is recommended to your minimum password length to at least 12 characters.
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