What's New in Trackops: February 2024

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Restrict Case Reviews by Case Service

  • It is now possible to restrict Case Reviews by case service.  This allows users to more granularly generate automatically generated reviews based on the case services associated with the case.
  • Manual case reviews are now also filtered by the case type and service configuration, as defined in the case review configuration.

Ability to Disable Task Template Generated Assignment Notices (emails) 

  • It is now possible to disable assignment emails for tasks generated via task templates via the Task Template Configuration.  For routine tasks that don't require an email to go out, you can now disable the Send Task Assignment Notice option on your task templates and email notices will not be delivered when these tasks are assigned to staff.

Restrict Access to Logins and API Tokens via IP Address

  • It is now possible to restrict access to user logins for both clients and company locations via IP address. 
  • Clients: Edit the client's profile and add valid IP addresses or masks into the Login IP Addresses option under Client Settings.
  • Company Locations: Edit your company location(s) (under Settings) and 
  • add valid IP addresses or masks into the Login IP Addresses option.
  • API Tokens: Edit your API tokens (Settings tab) and valid IP addresses or masks into the Allowed IP Addresses option.

Create Case Contacts (i.e. Assigned) via the Developer API

  • It is now possible to assign new client contacts and/or staff members to cases via the Case Contact Endpoint in the Developer API

Support for .eml, .amr, .ufdr File Types

  • Support for uploading Outlook Email (.eml) files to cases and case updates has been added to the Supported File Types.
  • Support for AMR audio recording files has been added
  • Support for UFDR (Cellebrite) file attachments has been added

Vendor Visibility for Full Location Access

  • Full Location Access employees can now view and assign vendors to cases and related activities.
  • Previously, access to vendors was restricted to Full Access employees only.

Required MFA Setup by User Role

Expense Entry Decline Enhancements

  • When declining an expense entry, it is now possible to add a reason for the decline, which will be included in the outgoing Expense Entry Decline Notice (if enabled).  This enhancement will make it easier to convey the reason for the decline so that staff can more quickly identify and correct issues.

Links to Uploaded Files in New File Notice

  • A new template variable has been added to the New File Upload Notice template which includes links to uploaded files (as opposed to just the names).  You can edit your notification template for this notice and add or replace this variable if needed.

Inbound SPAM Filter Adjustments for Known Contacts

  • The inbound spam filter for messages has been adjusted so that known contacts (i.e. email addresses associated with contacts in your system) have a little more leeway when it comes to spam. The system will now have a higher threshold for spam on emails from these contacts.

Create Client Locations via Developer API

Require Preferred Investigator Assignments for Clients

  • It is now possible to require preferred investigators to be assigned to cases for a specific client, where by default they are recommended but it is still possible to assign other investigators. To enable this feature, simply edit the client's profile and enable the Restrict Investigators setting.   
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