What's New in Trackops: March 2024

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Increased Custom Field Visibility Options

  • It is now possible to further restrict Custom Field visibility to include:
    • Everyone (Clients, Employees, and Vendors)
    • Only Employees
    • Only Employees and Vendors

Full Location Access Review Assignments

  • It is now possible for Full Location Access users to assign case reviews to other vendors or staff members associated with their location.

Case Overview "Next Up" Improvements

  • The case overview will now include the number of outstanding tasks and events along side the next upcoming task and event.
  • Clicking through to outstanding tasks/events and overdue tasks will now filter the agenda tab for easier use.  

"Bill To" Contact Configuration

  • It is now possible to enable/disable the client contact's name from appearing on invoices via the client configuration, where previously the contact's name always displayed on the invoice.

Case Review Updates

  • A new Review ID field has been added to the review entries list (and exports) to better identify reviews where there are many of the same type of review for the same case.
  • It is now possible to search the review entries list by Review ID.
  • Review entry Notes are now included in the review entry export.

Date Range Picker Improvements

  • Date range pickers throughout the system have been improved to include common search filters along side the traditional date pickers.  This feature allows users to quickly select commonly used date ranges without having to manually select them via the individual date pickers.
  • The calendar icons have been removed for disambiguation.  Clicking into a date picker field now opens the calendar automatically.

Expense Detail Export Change

  • The expense slip number (if it exists) is now included in the expense detail export.

Additional Update Recipient Options

  • It is now possible to send case updates to other full access and/or disabled access contacts associated with the case client.  Previously this option was restricted to only contacts at the specified location.  This new update will make it easier to create case update distribution groups that may include contacts at other locations.

Service Scheduling Improvements

  • Case Services now include an indicator to better identify if they are scheduled or not.
  • Unscheduled services can now be filtered by case manager.
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