What's New in Trackops: April 2024

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Case Agenda Advanced Search

  • The case agenda now includes an advanced search to offer additional search options.
  • Search criteria in use is now displayed at the top of the agenda screen.

Expense Detail Report Changes

  • A new Expense Detail report has been added to the reports section to allow for a detailed breakdown of expenses, similar to the Invoice Detail report.
  • The previous Expense Detail report has been migrated to the Expense Detail by Staff report.  This report functions exactly the same as before, only with a new name.

Send Invoice PDFs Directly to Cases

  • It is now possible to send a PDF of an invoice directly to the case (Send > Send to Case) so it can easily be sent as a case update.  Previously, to perform this action, a user would have to download the PDF of an invoice to their computer, then upload it to the case as a secondary step.

New Report and Report Updates 

  • A new Overdue Invoice Audit report is now available which provides a comprehensive list of overdue invoices, along with contact information and actions to send overdue notices, all in one place.
  • The Budget Audit report new includes totals at the bottom of each page of results for easier calculations.

Client Policy Updates

  • A new permission to View Case Policies is now available when configuring permissions for your user roles. This permission makes it easier to control who can see client case / update policies.
  • The policy display has been updated throughout the application to make them easier to read easier to dismiss when finished.
  • The case overview now displays policies in a more concise fashion, making them easier to read.

In-App Assignment Confirmations

  • It is now possible for staff to confirm their case assignments directly from the case itself.  Previously, the only means of assignment confirmation was through the the assignment confirmation email.  

Default Tax Rates for Clients and Locations

  • It is now possible to configure the Default Tax Rate while creating or editing a client or location.  This new client setting eliminates the need to update client price lists just for the sake of changing the tax rate.

Task/Event Assign Notice Configuration

  • It is now possible to manually check/uncheck the option to send an Assignment Notice when assigning a new staff member to a task or event.
  • It is now possible to manually check/uncheck the option to send a Change Notice when making adjustments to a task or event that has already been assigned.

Other Miscellaneous Enhancements

  • Valid URLs included in invoice terms or notes are now clickable.
  • Two new columns are available on the case update list, including the case reference number and primary investigator name.
  • The subject name is now displayed in the payment slip expense entry details.
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