Managing Compliance with Company Policies

In today’s environment it is imperative that your employees and vendors are educated on the proper way to conduct themselves in the field and how to manage the sensitive information they store on their personal devices. In fact, your clients may even require you to provide proof that you have a plan in place to manage compliance across your staff.  

If this sounds familiar, then you're in the right spot. Trackops offers a Company Policies module that allows you to upload policies and procedures right into the system.  This great feature makes it easy to keep track of the latest policy versions, as well as making it easy for employees to complete and return them.  What's more, managers can quickly review and approve the completed policies, making your compliance auditing a breeze.  Ready to get started?

Step 1. Creating a New Company Policy

To create a new policy, navigate to Settings > Company Policies.  From here, click New Policy in the upper right.  

  • Name - The title of the policy (e.g. Mobile Device Policy)
  • Description - A brief sentence that describes the purpose and scope of the policy, and optionally any notes or instructions for the reader. (You will upload the full policy document later).
  • Included Roles - The user roles in your system that should be governed by this policy.  For example, some policies may uniform for everyone, while others may only be releavent for employees, vendors, or other subsets of your organziaton.

Once you're done, click Save Policy to return to the policy.  Now that you have the policy created, the next step is to create a new Policy Version.  See step two (below) for instructions. 

Step 2. Uploading a New Policy Version

In short, a policy version is the latest copy of your policy. Over time, you may make changes or important updates to your policies, and each time you do this you'll upload a new version. When a new version goes live, your staff will be required to review, complete and approve the policies again.

To create a new version, make sure you have clicked into the correct policy from the policies list (Settings > Company Policies). From here, click New Version in the upper right.

  • Version - A unique identifier that distinguishes this version of the policy from other previous versions. By default, Trackops populates the version with today's date, however you may change this to whatever best suits your organization (e.g. 1.0, 2.0, etc...)
  • Make this the current version - Check this box to immediately make this policy active and available to download, sign and complete. You may change the current version at any time, however each version maintains its own compliance statistics. If this is a brand new policy, and you're ready for your staff to begin working with it, check this box.
  • Version Notes - Use this field to indicate what has changed since the previous version of the policy.  This will help staff members quickly find and review the changes they are required to review.  If this is a brand new policy you may opt to leave this section blank, or provide detailed instructions on how to review the policy.
  • Version File - Upload a PDF copy of your policy here. Your staff will be able to download, review, sign, and upload the policy from their user profiles.

Once you've completed the form click Save Policy Version to save the version. If you've marked this as the Current Version, it is now available for your staff to download.

Step 3. Signing and Accepting Policies

Now that you have a live policy, your staff can review and complete their policies.  To view a policy, navigate to a user's profile (a user's role must correspond with the roles selected on the policy) and click the Policies tab. From here, you'll see a list of available policies, each with a status.

  • Incomplete - The staff member has not yet signed and uploaded a copy of the policy.
  • Pending Review - The staff member has uploaded their signed copy of the policy, but it has not yet been reviewed and approved by a manager
  • Approved - A manager has reviewed the policy and has approved it.

To accept a policy, click on the policy name that is Incomplete.  From here, you will be able to download a copy of the policy document (right side of the screen) for your review.

You can accept and and optionally upload the signed copy by clicking Accept Policy in the top right. If the policy is configured to require completed and signed document, it will not allow you to accept the policy without uploading a completed document.

Step 4. Approving Accepted Policies

Once staff members have completed and optionally uploaded their signed policies, a manager now has the opportunity to review them and make sure they are completed properly. At this point, the manager can approve the document, and the staff member is now considered compliant for the policy.

To get started, click Reports > Policy Compliance Audit.  From here, you will see a list of policies. By default the report is ordered by the policies that need attention, however you can filter the report by a number of criteria to narrow down the list. 

To approve an uploaded policy, click on a policy that is Pending Review, which will bring you to the user's uploaded policy. The downloadable document to review will be available on the right side of the screen.  Once you have ensured that everything is in order, click Approve in the upper right.

An overall policy compliance percentage can be found on each policy configuration, located in Settings > Company Policies. It is important to note that compliance only relates to the current version of the policy. When a new version of the policy is added, compliance for that policy resets to zero and staff should complete the process again with the newest policy version.

Congratulations, you're on your way to building a safer, more educated, and a more organized work force!

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