Auditing Activity Through History

As a manager or company owner, sometimes reviewing a timeline of system activities related to a case, staff member, invoice, or otherwise helps shed light on what happened in your system and in what order.  That's why Trackops offers a powerful history audit tool that records activities performed by users in your system and allows administrators to look back in time and see what they did what and when. 

Note: It is important to remember that history logs in Trackops are immutable. This means that they cannot be modified in any way or removed from the system by anyone (including sytem administrators) after they are created. In addition, history logs are tied to a specific IP address, providing more accountability for actions performed within the system.

Trackops offers a couple of different ways to audit history, and can be reviewed globally or on a single piece of data. The History Audit report (located on your "Reports" tab) is the easiest way to search across all history. Alternatively, if you're only concerned with a specific, case, staff member, or other piece of information, look for the "History" tab when viewing a piece of information. See below for an example:


Note: An employee's user role must have permission to View History in order to access history logs on their cases or other parts of the system.  If an employee in your system cannot access system history and you would like them to, please update their user role to grant them the appropriate permission.

There are several categories of history logs stored in your system:

  • Creates - New data is created (e.g. A new case has been created)
  • Minor Edits - Data has been changed (e.g. An existing case has been edited)
  • Updates - The state of data has occurred (e.g. A case has been closed, an invoice was paid, or a user has logged in).
  • Deletes - A piece of data has been deleted.
  • Undeletes - A piece of data has been undeleted.
  • Notifications - An email or other notice has been sent from the system.
  • Exports - Data has been exported to excel or other formats from the system.

Please note that to reduce clutter, "Minor Edits" are not displayed by default. If you wish to include minor edits in your auditing, check the "Show Edits" box at the top of the list


Overall, auditing history logs provides a great way to keep tabs on the actions performed within your system, and allows you to maintain an unbiased and easy to use reporting tool to gather a timeline of system activities for auditing or accountability reviews.


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