How to Create a New Subject Type

Depending on the types of cases you work, the people, places, or other subject matter you are investigating can differ greatly.  For example, an insurance investigation may have several types of subjects, such a claimant, address, insured/employer, doctor, vehicle, attorney, etc... Each of these entities are completely different and require you to capture different information.  Trackops gives you the flexibility to create your own subject types, which can be customized to capture as much unique data as you need. 

Subject Types are comprised entirely of custom fields, which you can generate at any time through the settings, or on the fly while creating your new subject type.  To create a new Subject Type, go to the Settings tab, and then click the Subject Types link.  From here, click the New Subject Type button in the top right.


At this point, all you need to do is label your subject type and add the fields you want to include in the form.  If the field already exists in the system, you can simply click Add Line and select it from the dropdown.  If it does not yet exist, you can click the Add New Custom Field button and create a new custom field on the fly.  You can also re-order the fields by using the blue up/down arrows next to each field.  

Once you have added all your fields, you can choose which ones you want to Highlight, and which ones you want to Cross-Reference

  • Highlight - Indicates that the field contains important information, and should be displayed along side the name of the subject when viewing a list of subjects from inside a case.  
  • Cross-Reference - Indicates that  fields are fields that contain "identifying" information, such as a social security number, email address, or drivers license number. These fields will be cross-referenced when new subjects are entered in your system, and similar subjects will be presented to you.
  • Searchable - When enabled, this field will be searchable across all subjects in your system via your master subject list.  To avoid over-cluttering of searchable fields, it's usually best to only activate searching on fields that you commonly search by.
  • Reopenable - When checked, the value of this field will be copied to the new instance when a case is reopened. If you do not want the value of your custom fields to copy to newly reopened instances of the case, leave the box unchecked.

Once you have created your subject type, all you need to do is tell the system which case types it should be available on.  To do this, simply check the boxes of the case types that are relevant to this type of subject.


Note: You can make this the "primary" type of subject on a type of case, which will prompt the user to create a subject of this type when submitting a new case.

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