Searching Subject Date Fields

In some situations, it may be useful to generate a list of subjects related to dates (such as birthdays) that fall on a certain day, or within a certain month or year.  You can accomplish this through the subject list by using custom search parameters.

  • Note: Before generating this list, make sure you your date fields are searchable.  You can do this by marking them as searchable fields in your subject type configuration.  

To generate a subject birthday list, click the Cases tab, and then select Case Subjects.  From here, complete the search bar with the appropriate parameters and click Search to generate the list.  Once you have obtained the list, click the Export button in the top right to download a CSV (Excel) file with the full subject details.


  • Important: In order to view the results on screen, you must enable the Search Value display column by customizing your list columns.  Otherwise, the results will be only visible by exporting the data to CSV.
  • You must always select a "type" of subject (e.g. claimant) on the search bar when generating an exportable list.
  • It is strongly recommended to filter your results by Subjects on Active Cases in order to produce a usable list for current cases.

Acceptable Search Formats

Exact Date 7/4/1982, July 4th, 1982 Search for dates that match the exact day month and year.
By Day day:1, day:15 Search for dates on a given day (1 - 31), but any month or year.
By Month month:10, month:October, month:oct  Search for a given month (1 - 12), but any day or year.
By Year year:1982 Search for a given year (4 digits), including any month or day.
By Date date:today, date:May 14th, date:5/14 Search for a given month and day, regardless of year.
By Date (w/ modifier) date:>3/1, date:<3/31 Searches dates greater than (>) or less than (<) the current month/day combination for any year, but only within the month of the search result.  For example, the samples to the left would only return a partial set of results from March, either greater than the 1st or less than the 31st respectively.

When searching by day, month, or year, be sure to separate the type of search (e.g. month) with a colon ( ).

Search Example


In the above example, we have chosen to search only Subjects on Active Cases, that are considered Claimants.  We are searching by Date of Birth for all dates that match the month of October.


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