How to set up and use Case Update Presets

Trackops allows you to create pre-defined blocks of text called "Presets" that can be used when creating case updates.  The use of presets can help you standardize your case updates and save a lot of time.  Similar to email templates, presets can also contain template variables that will be automatically be populated with live case data on the fly; this makes them very flexible and versatile.

To create a new update preset, navigate to the Settings tab, click the Case Update Presets link, and then click the New Preset button.


  • Name - Enter a simple label that is easy to read and makes this preset easily identifiable in a list.  The name is the reference that you will see when selecting a preset on a new update.
  • Access Group - If this preset is always used on updates in the same access group, you can save time and eliminate mistakes by pre-defining it here. When this field is populated, the preset will only be available after the appropriate access group has been selected on the update.  If you have a lot of presets, this will also narrow down the list, making the appropriate presets easier to find.  Please note, this setting does not control who can see/use the preset when authoring new case updates.  To prevent use of this preset, please read "Restricting the use of presets based on access group" below.
  • Title - This field will populate the Title of the case update.  As you can see from the screenshot above, you can use template variables to make your update titles clear and descriptive.
  • Body - The body of the update is the actual substance that will populate the Body of the case update.  Try to keep the body as generic as possible to ensure that it works for multiple cases and clients.  It is also encouraged to use template variables in the body field to create a more detailed description of the update.  It's also fine to leave placeholders (e.g. underlines or blocks of instructions designed to be replaced) on presets that require custom information such as a narrative.  This will give the update author guidance on how to best complete the update itself.
  • Variables - This is a list of available template variables that can be used in the template.  To use a variable, simply place your cursor in the body field where you would like the variable to appear, and then select it from the variables dropdown.  You can also manually type variables or copy/paste them as you see fit.

Restricting the use of presets based on access group

In some situations, you want users to be able to see the posted update, but you do not want them to be able to see/use certain presets when creating their own case updates.  You can easily control access to presets by choosing an access group in the restriction drop down (see screenshot above).  When this field is selected, only users who are in user roles that have this access group will be able to see/use this preset when authoring their own case updates.  Please note, this does not prevent users from seeing the end result, it only controls that ability to use the preset in the editing phase.

Choosing a Preset on a New Case Update

Once a preset is created, it is immediately available to use when creating a new case update.  Before choosing your preset, you must first select the access group that this update will be a part of:


You will not be able to choose the preset until the access group is selected.  Once an access group is chosen, the available presets will populate in the preset field:


It is important to note that the presets that appear in the dropdown menu are dependent on the access group selection, as defined in the preset configuration.  If you have configured a preset to only be available in the Public access group, it will only be available when that selection is made.  The preset will not be available if a different access group is selected.  

The only caveat to this rule is when a preset is configured with a blank (empty selection) access group.   When a preset is configured without a specific access group selection, the preset will be available on any case update, regardless of the selection.


Once you select the appropriate preset from the list, the title and body of the update will be populated with the contents of the preset, and any included variables will be automatically replaced with live case data.  From here, the update can be edited or adjusted to make modifications or add any additional content.  Once you're ready, simply save the update and you're done!

Using Case Update Presets via the Trackops Mobile App

Case update presets can also be used via the Trackops Mobile App for both iOS and Android.  To get started, navigate to a case, click the Updates tab, and then click the new update icon in the upper right.


From here, choose your access group, and then click the "magic wand" icon in the upper right corner of the app. This will display a list of all available presets for the given access group.  Simply choose the selected access group and it will populate the title and body of the update.

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