Configuring your Email Settings

To configure your email settings, click the Settings tab, and then click the Email Settings & Templates link.

  • Billing Email Address - The email address that billing related correspondence will be sent from.  It's important to note that emails from your system will always come from a single standard notifications email address.  However, when someone replies to an email, it will be directed to the proper address as defined in these settings.
  • Default Email Format - Trackops is able to send email in both HTML and Text format.  Its usually safe to leave the default set to HTML because the Text version of the email will always be included behind the scenes for clients that don't support HTML email.
  • Email Signature - A generic email signature for your company.  This signature can be included as a variable on many automated emails sent from the system.
  • Email Whitelist - By default, the system will filter out inbound emails that are flagged as SPAM to avoid an influx of junk email to your system.  For certain recipients or domain names you want to exempt from this filtering, enter the email addresses and/or domain names, separated by spaces, and the system will exempt these senders from spam filtering.
  • General Email Address - The primary email address for your company.  For most emails that are sent from your system, this is the address that the recipient will reply to.

At this point, you may also want to customize your email templates

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