Configuring your Access Groups

Note: Before configuring your access groups, you should read an An Introduction to Permissions, Roles, and Access Groups, to get an idea how of access groups affect roles and permissions in your system.

In most situations, you will not need to modify the default access groups, however, you can easily customize them through the Trackops settings. To create a new access group, click the Settings tab, click the User Access Groups link, and then click the New Access Group button in the top right.  

Complete the form, and be sure to choose which roles should be included in this access group; roles can be included in many access groups at once.  If your role is included in the new access group, it will be available to choose when you create a new case update or upload a new file to a case.

  • Require Validation? - When enabled, the system will require all case updates that are associated with this access group to be validated.  When disabled, the system will automatically validate the update as soon as it's created.  
  • Refresh "Last Update"? - Typically, when a case update is posted to a case, date of the "Last Update" on that case is updated to reflect the new information.  Sometimes, however, you may wish to prevent the last update date from being refreshed, especially when you're asking an investigator for an update on a stale case.  Disabling this setting allows staff to post updates to a case in this specific access group, yet prevent the last update date from being updated.
  • Include In Documents? - When enabled, the system will include case updates that are associated with this access group in generated documents, whenever the {{Updates.list}} variable is used.  When disabled, the system will omit these updates from generated documents.
Once you have created a new access group, you can configure your user roles in order to grant or restrict access to the new group.
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