Customizing your Case Services

Case services are the actual actions you will perform on your cases.  You can create as many case services as you like, and can control which ones are available for each case type in your system.

To create a new case service, click the Settings tab, and then click the Case Services link. From here, click the New Case Service button in the upper right.

  • Name - The name of this service, as you want it displayed to your clients and staff.
  • Description - A brief description of this service or product.
  • Schedule Mode - The means by which a case service is marked scheduled.
    • None - The case service is not automatically scheduled, and a manager must manually mark the service as scheduled.
    • Primary Investigator - The case service is automatically marked as scheduled when the primary investigator is assigned to the case.
    • Activity (Premium Plan)- The case service is automatically marked scheduled when a task or event is attached to this case service and is assigned to an investigator.

By default, all services are configured to be automatically scheduled via the Primary Investigator schedule mode.

Before saving the case service, be sure to check the boxes next to the types of cases you want to make this service available for.

Scheduling Case Services via Activities (Premium Plan)

While creating new tasks or calendar events, the case service can be selected.  This allows you to track which activities are being used to fulfill the services you have selected.  When a service is unscheduled, it shows up on both the schedule and the calendar as an Unscheduled Service.  From here, you can drag and drop the service to a specific investigator and/or a specific date of service.  Once the investigator is assigned and the activity is saved, the service will be marked as scheduled.

If for some reason you need to perform more actions on this service in future, you can manually mark the service as Needs Scheduling by clicking on the service name from the overview of the case and clicking the Mark Unscheduled button.

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