Configuring Case Status Triggers

Case status triggers allow you to automate the advancement of a case's status when certain actions take place.  Using triggers will save you time and reduce the need to perform redundant actions on every case. 

Configuring Case Status Triggers

To configure your case status triggers, click the Settings tab, and then Case Status Triggers.  From here, select the appropriate status for each available case status trigger (see below).  If you wish to disable any/all triggers, simply move the triggers' status to Do not change case status.  

When using case status triggers, please be aware of the following conditions:

  • A case status trigger will not fire if the selected case has reached or is beyond the configured status.
  • When a case status trigger fires, any related actions, such as the generation of case reviews, are also handled automatically.
  • Any webhooks that are connected to the target status will be processed when the trigger fires.

Available Case Status Triggers

  • A new invoice is created.
  • All outstanding invoices for a case are paid in full.
  • The primary investigator is assigned to a case.
Please email if you have a suggestion for a new case status trigger.
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