How to Configure "Default Dashboards" for Clients and Staff

You can setup a default Dashboard for each User Role.  When someone logs in for the first time, their Dashboard is automatically configured to the default layout, provided that a default dashboard is configured for their role.  After the default Dashboard is applied, the User can then customize their Dashboard if given the permission to do so.

To get started, go to "Settings > Dashboard Tab Presets".

Then click the "New Dashboard Tab Preset" button.


Then give this tab a name, choose which User Role this tab is for, and finally select a default layout.


Next, we need to add some widgets to this preset.  Click the "Add Widgets" link.


Choose a couple widgets by clicking the "Add Widget!" buttons.


When you're finished adding widgets, click the "I'm Done Adding Widgets" link.


From here, you can rearrange the widgets by clicking and holding the gray widget title bar and dragging it to where you'd like it positioned.


When you're finished rearranging, click "I'm Done Editing this Preset".


And you're done!  Now when anyone that matches the selected User Role logs in the for the first time, their Dashboard will automatically be configured to match the preset you've configured.

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