How to use Template Variables

Template variables are simply placeholders for information.  When you create a template inside Trackops, you can use variables to represent dynamic information that will be populated on the fly, based on the case you are working.  Using variables in your templates allows you to make generic documents and templates, and have the system automatically enter the appropriate information.  This process can save you time and eliminate many common errors that occur when hand-typing documents.

Important: Variables are case sensitive, always begin with two opening curly braces, and always end with two closing curly braces.

To better illustrate the point, let's examine the following example:

Pre-Populated Template (You create this) Populated Template (Trackops generates this)
On {{}}, a {{Case.case_type}} investigation was initiated, and assigned case number {{Case.case_number}}. On 10/15/2011, a Workers' Compensation investigation was initiated, and assigned case number 1115123WC-01.

There are several features in Trackops that utilize template variables, (available variables will vary based on the feature).  Currently, you can configure templates with variables in the following:

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