Supported File Types

Trackops supports a number of file formats to choose from when uploading media files or attaching files to case updates.  This allows you the flexibility to choose the best file types that work for you.  Take a look at the list below to see what file types are accepted (recommended file extensions are listed in bold):

File Type File Extension(s) Notes
Audio .m4a, .mp3, .dss, .wma, .msv, .wav
  • MP3 files are the most universally compatibile audio file.
Compressed File .zip, .rar  
Document .doc, .docx, .odt, .pdf, .rtf, .txt
  • Adobe PDF files are the best for delivering final reports.
Image/Photo .gif, .jpg, .png, .tif
  • JPEG (.jpg) files will provide the best quality/file size for photos.
Presentation .odp, .ppt  
Spreadsheet .csv, .ods, .xls, .xlsx, .numbers
  • CSV files are the most commonly supported type of spreadsheet.
Video .mp4, .mpeg, .mov, .wmv, .m4v  
Miscellaneous .eml  
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