Exporting Data to CSV

Exporting data to a comma separated value (CSV) document is a quick way to extract a subset of information into a commonly used format that can be read by most spreadsheet applications (e.g. Microsoft Excel), and many other business tools.  Trackops makes this function easy by providing a simple Export button on most lists and reports throughout the system.   

Important: Users must have the permission to Export Data in order to perform this operation.

To generate an export, navigate to one of the various lists or reports inside the system, and optionally narrow down the results using the search criteria provided.  Once the list contains the information you're looking for, click the Export button at the top of the page:


Note: Exports are limited to 2,000 records per download; consider limiting the results by date range, or other search criteria.  If you must export large amounts of data on a routine basis, you may want to consider integrating with our developer API, or utilizing the Trackops / Zapier Integration for a more automated approach.




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