How do Email Notifications Work?

Trackops delivers email notifications for many activities throughout the program.  Notifications may be delivered to your clients, your staff, or other third parties that are associated with the case you're working.  

When you send notifications from inside Trackops, they are sent via your customer-specific mailbox.  This makes it easy for your recipients to identify your emails, and should they reply, the message will be re-routed back to your inbox. 

Once a notification has been sent through the system, the content of that message is logged on the Notifications tab inside each user's profile.  

If at any time you wish to disable certain notifications from being sent, you can disable notifications on a system level, or you can adjust your notification preferences.

General Notifications

Most notifications that are sent through the system are considered general notifications.  When a recipient sends email to this address, either via a new email or a reply to an existing email, the message is re-routed to your General Email Address.

Case Update Notifications

When you send a case update email to your clients and/or staff, the update is tagged with a special email address that links back to that specific case update.  If the recipient replies to the update, their response will be automatically processed and entered into the system as a new case update, just as if they clicked reply inside the system.  This makes it easy to streamline communication channels.



If you are not receiving email from one of your clients or staff members, double check that the email address they are sending from is the same email address that you have saved in your system.  For security, Trackops will not receive and/or forward emails from unknown email addresses. If you have a user who regularly communicates with more than one email address, consider adding an email alias on their user profile. Adding an email alias will allow you to successfully receive email from either address.

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