Creating and Managing Tasks

Trackops offers a robust task management system to help you track important to-dos from start to finish.  Things like report due dates, media delivery, and client follow-ups are great uses for the task system.  Before creating new tasks, you may want to setup new calendars in order to better categorize your tasks.   For example, you could setup separate task calendars for such things as "Media Requests" and "Case Reopen Follow-ups".  Each calendar can be filtered and color coded for easy recognition.

To create a new task, click the Calendar tab, and then select New Task from the sub-menu.

  • Title - A brief label for this task.  Try to use keywords that easily identify the task.
  • Case - The case number that this task is associated with.  This field can be pre-populated by creating the task directly from the case itself.
  • Service - The service to be performed on this task.  When a case is associated with the task, only services attached to that case will be available.
  • Calendar - The calendar that you want this task to be stored on. 
  • Status - The current status of this task  (See below for an explanation of statuses).
    • None - No status needed, or nothing to do at this time.
    • Needs Action - An upcoming action is required.
    • In Progress - Action on this task has been taken, and/or the progress on this task has started.
    • Complete - This task is finished.  When marking a task complete, the date completed is logged and the task is removed from some views, such as the agenda.
  • Due On - The due date for this task.
  • Address - The location this task takes place at (optional).  
  • Staff - The employee(s) that are responsible for this task.
  • Alert - If you have assigned staff to this task, you can schedule an alert to notify them when the due date is upcoming.
  • Notes - Any notes and/or instructions that go along with this task.

When a new task is created, a notification is delivered to each of the assigned staff members, letting them know they've been assigned.  If you happen to make changes to this task in the future, all assigned staff members will receive a change notification, letting them know that information related to this task has been updated.  You can customize these notification templates via the settings.

Managing Tasks from a Case

From inside a case, you can see a snapshot of the case agenda at the top of the Overview tab (see below).  The snapshot will show upcoming tasks and events, so you can see what is due and upcoming.  


This summary represents the data that is displayed on the Agenda tab of the case.  When dealing specifically with tasks, its handy to use the tasks sidebar, located on the right side of the agenda tab.  From here, you can see what tasks are outstanding, and even mark them complete.


To mark a task as complete, simply check the box next to the task, and it will be completed and time-stamped.  A completed task is indicated by a strike through the title of the event, as shown below.


To get a master list of tasks across all cases, click the Calendar tab, and then click Task List from the sub-menu.  You can also view a master task list from the Calendar itself.

Automating Task Generation with Task Templates

Trackops offers the ability to automatically create repetitive tasks through the use of our Task Templates feature.  This process will give you the opportunity to auto-generate time-sensitive tasks on every case.  This process will speed up your case setup, and will help eliminate mistakes.

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