How to Subscribe to a Calendar

Trackops offers a handy feature which allows you integrate your events and tasks into desktop or other web-based calendar software through the use of private calendar links. Any staff member in your system who has access to events/calendars can subscribe, and setting up this functionality is quite simple.

Locating your Private Calendar URL

Each user in your system has a unique calendar URL, so it is important not to distribute your own link to other users, unless you want them to have access to all of your calendar events.  To locate a URL for a specific calendar, click the Calendar tab.  From here, click the Show calendar feeds link, located below the calendar list.


Now, click the ICAL button, located next to the calendar you wish to subscribe to.


Here you will find your private URL for the selected calendar. 


Note: If you wish to reset (change) your private calendar links, you can do so from this screen by clicking the Reset calendar feeds link.  Once you reset your calendar links, you will have to remove and re-subscribe to them from inside your calendar application.

Subscribing to your Calendar from a 3rd Party Application

Using your private calendar URL, you will need to add a remote calendar from your desktop or web-based calendar software.  There are many different types of applications that support this functionality, and the steps for each are different.  If your software supports loading remote calendars via the iCalendar format, you should be able to utilize this feature.

For more information, on setting up a calendar subscription, please see the help articles for your mail/calendar software.  If you aren't familiar with subscribing to remote calendars, here are tutorials for some of the most popular software:

Note: When setting up a remote subscription, be sure to mark the calendar as read only (if available) inside the software settings.

Additional Notes

  • Calendar feeds are one directional, meaning that you cannot create events or tasks from your desktop and have them appear inside Trackops.
  • Dates and times are delivered in UTC.  The end user's calendar software will likely convert this time to his or her local timezone, which may not correspond with the timezone displayed inside your Trackops system.
  • Pop-up reminders/alerts are not included with the calendar feeds at this time.  This is because some popular calendar software cannot properly "dismiss" these events due to the read-only nature of the feeds.
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