Adding a Retainer to a Client

Depending on the client or type of case, you may receive payments up front for a specific case or series of cases.  Trackops offers the ability to track these payments as retainers, and allows you to apply these funds directly to invoices inside the system.  

The Trackops retainer system allows you to create a single retainer and add funds to it time and time again, or create separate retainers for each payment you receive.  How you decide to track your retainers is up to you.

To create a new retainer, click the Invoices tab, and the select New Retainer from the sub-menu.  


From here, select the client who the retainer is for, enter any notes that go along with it, and then click Save Retainer.

Adding Funds to a Retainer

Now that the retainer is created, you can apply payments to it.  To do this, click the Add Funds button in the upper right, fill out the payment information, and click Save Payment button.


Now that you have created the retainer and added funds to it, you can apply the funds to an invoice.

Refunding the Balance of a Retainer

If at the end of your case(s), you have a remaining balance on your client's retainer, you can easily refund the balance by navigating to the retainer and clicking the Refund Balance button located at the top of the retainer:


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