Exporting Invoices to LEDES Format

Trackops offers the capability of exporting your invoices into LEDES1998B format, for integration into certain vendor payment systems.  To enable LEDES exports in your system, first click Settings, and then Addons & Integrations.  From here, click on the LEDES 1998B Export.  

  • Enabled: "Yes" to enabled this feature, "No" to disable this feature.
  • Timekeeper Preference: Determines which user is credited/responsible for the invoice.

Once you have enabled and configured your LEDES 1998B settings, save the form.

Now that the LEDES export is enabled, click the Invoices tab, and then Invoice List.  Next, filter your invoice list with the parameters you want to export.  

Tip: Use the Advanced search options (right side of the search form) to filter the list by a date range, or other specific criteria.

Once the list is filtered how you want it, click the Export button and then select LEDES 1998B from the list.


Once you've initiated the export, your browser downloads a LEDES 1998B compatible import file that you can use to import in 3rd party software.

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