A User is Not Receiving Email from the System

If one of your client contacts or staff members is not receiving email from the Trackops system, it usually means that their address been disabled due to a problem with their email address, mailbox, or mail server.  Often times this is due to a misspelled email address, but it can also happen if your email is rejected by the end user's email server due to a full mailbox, or a server failure.

You can easily check to see a user's email address is disabled by navigating to their user profile.  If their email address has been disabled by our system, you will see warning block next to it, as shown below:  


If you're sure the email address is valid, and you want to re-enable sending, simply click the reactivate sending link to resume sending to the specified address.

Note: If the suspended email happens to be the Billing Email, specified on a client or location profile, you must re-activate sending from the respective client/location profile instead.

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