How do I convert my trial into a paid account?

First off, thanks for choosing Trackops! We're glad you've decided to better manage your cases with us!

To convert your trial into a paid account, click the Settings tab, click the Trackops Account Settings link, and then click the Edit Subscription button in the top right.   From here, you can choose which plan you would like to upgrade to, and which add-ons you would like to purchase.  Make sure your billing information is up to date, as you will be charged for your new plan at the time of purchase. 

Important: You must be a Chief Operator to perform this action.  If you do not have the Settings tab, and/or the Trackops Account Settings, you do not have access to perform this operation.

If you're not sure what plan you need, take a look at our pricing overview, which breaks down the costs and features that are available with each plan.

Please note that while on the trial, you were using the same feature set that is offered in the Premium plan.

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