Creating a New Client Contact

Now that you have created a client, it's time to create a contact (sometimes known as a requester).  To create a new contact, click the Clients tab, and then select New Contact from the sub-menu.  From here, select the client you wish to create this contact for, and click Continue.


Note: Alternatively, you can bypass this step by going to the client's profile and clicking the New button and selecting New Contact from the sub-menu.

From here, complete the form, making sure to select the appropriate user role and access level (see below) for this contact.


Access Levels

Access levels determine the "scope" of a user's ability within the system.  For example, two contacts could both have the permission to "View Cases", however, the cases that appear will be different based on the access level they are assigned to.  See an overview of user access levels for more information.

Access Level Can Login? Description
Disabled NO Can be assigned to cases, but cannot login to the system.
Limited Access YES Can login to the system, but limited to viewing/interacting with their own cases.
Location Access YES Can view/interact with any case at their client location.
Full Access YES Can view/interact with any case opened by their company.

Note: Access Levels are applied to other modules (such as invoices) that require tiered levels of control.

Once you have chosen an access level, you can choose to "Send Login Invitation", which will generate a login invitation email for this client.  If this box is checked, you must enter a valid email address in the space listed below.


  • Notes - Publicly available notes that anyone who has access to this user profile can see (including the contact).
  • Admin Notes - Private notes about this user contact.  A user must have the permission to View Admin Notes to view or make changes to this data.


If you would like to upload a photo of this user, you can browse for it here.  The system will only accept images in .jpg, .gif, and .png formats.

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