An Overview of User Access Levels

Trackops offers several access levels that augment the way your users view information throughout the system.  It is important to understand the difference between user roles, access levels, and permissions before you can properly assign access levels to your staff.  

For example, two employees in your company may be assigned the same user role, and both have the permission to View Cases, however, the cases they actually see are configured by which access level they are a part of.  So in this example, the Full Access employee would see all cases in the system, whereas the Limited Access employee would only see the cases they are directly assigned to.

Note: Even though a user may be listed as full access or limited access, they are still governed by which user permissions they have been given. For example, if a user does not have permission to "View Invoices", they will not see any invoices, even if they are listed as a full access user.

Access levels can be configured on both client contacts and staff by editing their profile.  In order to be given an access level greater than "Disabled", a user must have an email address associated with their account.

Access Level Overview

  • Full Access - Has the ability to access all information, and is not limited to information they are directly assigned to.
    • When given full access, client contacts will only be able to see information related to their client, and will never be able to see information related to staff, or other clients.
  • Full Location Access  - Similar to Full Access, users with this access level have the ability to see an interact with information for others, however they are restricted to content (cases, expenses, invoices, reviews, staff, etc...) that is connected to their own location or branch office.
    • Some reporting cannot be limited to location-only statistics.  If you provide full location access staff with permission to view reports, they may have the ability to generate statistics that encompass data outside of their own location.
  • Limited Access - Can only see information they are directly assigned to, with a couple of exceptions (see below).
    • Employees that are granted limited access will still be able to see all clients if they are given the permissions to View Clients.
    • When given the ability to View Client Contacts, limited access employees will be able to see all client contacts.
    • When granted the permission to View Invoices, limited access salespeople will only see invoices that they are directly assigned to.  All other employees will only see invoices that are connected to cases on which they are assigned.  Client contacts will only see invoices that they are directly assigned to.  All users who can view invoices, will be able to see the client that is associated with the invoice.
  • Disabled - The user cannot log in to the system, and therefore cannot see or do anything in your system.
    • Even though they cannot login, disabled users can still receive notifications, and be assigned to cases/related case data.
Note: Your Trackops subscription may limit the number of users you create in certain access groups.  If you are out of slots for a specific access group, you can update your subscription to add additional space for more users.
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