I Lost my Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Device

For Employees/Vendors/Client Users

If you don't have access to your Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) device after setting up your token, you will not be able to login to your account.  You must contact your system administrator, chief operator, or someone in your organization who has access to your account settings.  

If MFA is Not Required on the User Role

An administrator is able able to access your account and disable MFA protection for your account, allowing you to access the system without your MFA device.  Once you have recovered your device, or have setup a new device, you can re-enable MFA on your account by Resetting your MFA Token.

If MFA is Required on the User Role

If your user role requires MFA to login, after disabling MFA on the user profile, you will immediately be prompted to set up a new MFA token on the next login.  If you have access to any smart device (phone, tablet, etc...) you can use that device to set up a new MFA token and access your account.  If you do not have any smart devices available, you cannot log in unless:

  1. An administrator edits the user role (Settings > User Roles) and disables the requirement for MFA.
  2. Your user role is changed to a new role that does not require MFA.

For security, it is best practice to require staff to have MFA enabled when accessing the system, even if it is connected to a backup device.

For Account Administrators

If you are the chief operator, and you do not have any additional administrators with permissions to modify your account settings, it is possible to lock yourself out of the system should you lose your MFA enabled device.  If this situation arises, you must contact Trackops support in order to reset your account.  To expedite the process, open a support ticket or email support@trackops.com from your primary accountholder email address (the account you originally signed up with) so we can assist you in the process.  

Please Note: We will require additional identifiable information to verify your account if the request comes from an unauthorized email address, which may increase the time necessary to reset access.

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