How do I remove an employee or vendor from my system?

If you have parted ways with an employee, vendor or other staff member, the best way to remove them from your system is to delete their user profile from your staff list.  This process essentially archives the staff member.

Once a user is deleted, they can no longer login to your system or be assigned to new cases.  Don't worry, this operation will not remove their historical data from past cases, and should you ever need to recover their user account, you can easily undelete them and restore them back to active status.

Deleting a Staff Member

To delete a staff member, head to Staff > Staff List and search for the staff employee or vendor you wish to remove.  From here, check the box next to the user(s) that you want to remove and then click the white Delete button above.  This will archive the staff members immediately and prevent further logins or case assignments.

Recovering a Deleted Staff Member

If you wish to recover a staff member and bring them back to an active state, head to Staff > Staff List.  From here, click the Filter dropdown on the left side of the search bar and choose Deleted Staff.  From here, check the box next to the deleted staff member's name and then click the white Undelete button above.  This will recover the staff member to active state. 

Please note, when recovering a deleted user, their access level will be set to Disabled, preventing them from logging in.  They will need to be sent a login invitation and set up their login credentials again if you wish them to log into your system.

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