How to Enable/Disable API Access

Disclaimer - Read This First

Important:  It is your responsibility to protect your API credentials.  API tokens should be treated like passwords, as they provide unrestricted access to most information in your system. Be very careful when sharing your API tokens, and be sure to use a unique API token for each integration you use.  If you feel your API token has been misplaced or compromised, you should reset or disable your API token immediately.

Never send an API token via email, chat, or any insecure messaging or storage platform.

Creating an API Token

Note: For security, API Tokens can only be created by Chief Operators (account holders).

To create an API token, go to Settings, then click API Tokens, and click the New API Token button.   

  • Name - Enter a descriptive label for this token that will help you understand how it is used.

Make sure the box to enable this token is checked, and then click Save API Token.  At this point you should see your API Token available on the screen.  

Tip: It is best practice to create a unique API token for each integration you use.  This makes it easy to rotate or disable API tokens without interrupting activity for other integrations.

Resetting, Disabling, and Deleting API Tokens

If you need to regenerate, disable, or delete an API Token, you can do this from the API token interface.  To start, go to Settings, then click API Tokens, and click on the API token you wish to adjust.  From here, you will be able to reset, disable, or delete the token.

Important: Be sure to disable or delete any API tokens that are no longer in use.

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