API Reference - Client Contacts

Client contacts are the individual user accounts that are configured in your system.  Personal information about these individuals, such as their phone number and email address are stored in these objects.

Listing Client Contacts

Returns a collection of client contact records, optionally filtered by the available request parameters.

GET /api/v1/client/contacts


Available Request Parameters:

Name Type Required Description
id integer no ID of the case.
last_name string no Last name of the contact.
first_name string no First name of the contact.
email string no Email address of the contact.
client string no ID of the parent (root) client.
client_location integer no ID of the client location for this contact.
role integer no ID of the role this contact belongs to.
salesperson integer no ID of the default salesperson assigned to this client.
created_from timestamp no Created on or after the date.
created_to timestamp no Created on or before the date.
updated_from timestamp no Updated on or after the date.
updated_to timestamp no Updated on or before the date.

Note: All timestamp parameters are queried and returned in UTC. 


Getting a Client Contact

Returns a single client contact record, based on the numeric ID.

GET /api/v1/client/contacts/{client_contact_id}


Creating a Client Contact

Creates a new client contact (i.e. a user) based on the given criteria. Upon success, returns a client object. See the example request at the bottom of this section for a better idea of how a fully formed request should look.  

Note: Client contacts in Trackops are always assigned to client locations and cannot be assigned to top level clients.

POST /api/v1/client/contacts


Available Parameters

Name Type Required Description
client_id integer yes The ID of the client location (not the root client) that this contact belongs to (see API Reference - Client Locations)
role_id integer yes The role ID that contains the permissions this contact will inherit. Only roles that are designated as available for Client Contacts are valid.  Please visit Settings > User Roles from within the app for more information.
first_name string no The first name of the contact.
middle_name string no The middle name of the contact.
last_name string yes The last name of the contact. 
title string no The job title associated with this contact.
email email no The primary email address for this contact.
phone_home string no The home phone number for this contact.
phone_mobile string no The mobile phone number for this contact.
phone_office string no The office phone number for this contact.
phone_fax string no The fax number for this contact.
birthday date no An ISO formatted date of birth (YYYY-MM-DD) for this contact.
 account_code string no An alternate reference ID or for this contact.
 notes string no General notes about this contact.
 admin_notes string no Private notes about this contact (not visible by the client).


Example New Client Contact Request

A new client contact (i.e. user) is created by POSTing a JSON object to the specified end point using the above criteria.  The JSON object must contain the required fields (as shown above) and must be nested under a contact object.  See the following example request:

"contact": {
"client_id": 12345,
"role_id": 6,
"first_name": "Susie",
"middle_name": "B",
"last_name": "Smith",
"title": "Claims Adjuster",
"email": "example@trackops.com",
"phone_home": "555-555-55555",
"phone_mobile": "555-555-5555",
"phone_office": "+1 404-555-5555 x501",
"phone_fax": "999-999-9999",
"birthday": "1979-01-01",
"account_code": "12345",
"notes": "These are some general notes!",
"admin_notes": "This is a VIP contact."

Note: The above request is for demonstration purposes only, your implementation will require unique data provided by your account.

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