How to Increase File Storage Capacity

Determining your Current Storage Utilization

Each Trackops subscription comes with a base storage capacity. The amount of base storage you are allotted depends on your Trackops plan features.  As an account owner, you can locate your current storage utilization by clicking Settings > Trackops Account Settings, and looking at the Storage section.

Upgrading your Storage Capacity

If your Trackops account is at or near storage capacity, you can easily add 1 TB (1000 GB) storage blocks by editing your Trackops subscription and increasing the Additional File Storage Blocks add-on.

Purging Old Cases to Reduce Storage Usage

If you wish to free up existing storage, you may opt to purge old case data.  Purging cases you no longer need will permanently delete those cases along with all attached files associated with them.  Using this option is a good idea if you have very old cases that have reached your statute of limitations and/or if you have cases you no longer wish to maintain records of.

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