API Reference - Case Status History

Case status history is generated each time a status is changed (moved forward) in the progression of statuses. Please note that when a case status is moved backwards, forward history for the case in question is automatically deleted in order to maintain a linear order.

Listing Case Status History

Returns a collection of case status history records, optionally filtered by the available request parameters.

GET /api/v1/cases/status_history


Available Request Parameters:

Name Type Required Description
case integer no ID of the case.
case_status integer no ID of the case status.
changed_by integer no ID of the user who made the status change.
changed_from timestamp no Changed on or after this date/time.
changed_to timestamp no Changed on or before this date/time.

Note: All timestamp parameters are queried and returned in UTC. 


Getting Case Status History for a Single Case

Returns a case status history collection for a single case, based on the numeric case ID.

GET /api/v1/cases/status_history/{case_id}


Getting a Single Case Status History Record

Returns a single case status history record for a given case ID and case status ID.

GET /api/v1/cases/status_history/{case_id}/{case_status_id}

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