Adding Preferred Investigators to a Client

In some situations, a client may require that only a pre-approved set of investigators be assigned to the cases you work for them, often called a vendor panel. To resolve this requirement, Trackops offers the "Preferred Investigators" feature which allows you to define appropriate investigators on a client by client basis.

To add or remove investigators from a client's preferred investigator list, first navigate to the client's profile.  From here, click the Preferred Investigators tab, and then Add Preferred Investigators.  


Choose the investigator(s) that you wish to associate with this client, and click save. 

That's it! Now, when assigning investigators to cases for this client, preferred investigators will appear in their own group at the top.

Requiring Preferred Investigators

If you want to make sure that only preferred investigators are assigned to cases for a specific client, you can accomplish this by updating the appropriate setting on the client profile.  To turn this feature on, edit the client's profile and toggle the option to Restrict Investigators.  Once enabled, only preferred investigators will be able to be assigned to cases for this client.

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