Tracking Case Referrals

Like most businesses, it's often common for investigation firms to track the source of new work.  For example, things like directory listings, search engines, ad campaigns, etc... are common places where customers find and refer work from. Trackops allows you to easily track these through our Referral Sources feature.

To create a new referral source, go to Settings and the click Referral Sources.  From here, click New Referral Source at the top.

  • Name - The label that will be able to be chosen on each case. It's usually best practice to be short and general.  It's never a good idea to create referral sources for a specific person's name or other one-off referral that is not commonly used.
  • Description - An internal description that defines what and where this referral relates to.

Once you've created a referral source, the option to choose a referral source will appear when creating or editing a case. 

If you no longer use a specific referral source, it is safe to delete the referral source from your settings.  Deleting a referral source will not remove historical data, but will prevent the source from being used on new cases.

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