Processing Video with Trackops



Installing the Trackops Video Processing App

Before getting started you'll first need to download and install the Trackops Video Processing application, available for both Windows and Mac.


Launching the App for the First Time

When you first launch the Trackops video processing application, you will be prompted to sign in to your Trackops account with your username and password. Once you have successfully authenticated with the application, it will create a profile for that account on your computer.  If you opt to "Remember Me" when logging in, your credentials will be securely stored in your computer's keychain for easier authentication.  

Creating a New Bundle

Once you've logged in, the first step in processing video is to create a new "Bundle".  A bundle is essentially a folder or directory that allows you to organize your videos, files, and other documents by case and/or day of activity.

  • Activity Date - The date of the activity that is to be processed.  If the bundle consists of multiple days of activity, choosing today's date is appropriate.
  • Title - Enter a title that will help you differentiate this bundle from other bundles in a list.
  • Case - Select the case from your Trackops system to be linked to this bundle.  Please note, you must have access to the case via your Case List inside the web application in order to use that case when generating a bundle.

Once you have confirmed your selections, click Create Bundle.  At this point you will have an empty bundle and you can begin adding your video files.

To add new videos into your bundle, you can either drag and drop them or click the Add Files button to select them from your file system.  Once you have added files into the bundle, the application will immediately begin processing them.

Video Processing Workflow

When a video is added to a bundle, the system will automatically analyze the video and then begin normalizing the video through a normalizing action that includes the following adjustments:

  • The video is converted into an optimized streamable mpeg (MP4) file.
  • The video is resized to your preferred video dimensions (1280x720 by default).
  • The audio track is automatically removed.
  • The date and time stamp associated with the video is automatically overlaid on the video.  If there is no date/time stamp metadata associated with the video, the app will utilize your default time zone which can be configured in the application preferences.

Once a video is finished normalizing, it will move to the processed status. Videos that have been fully processed are considered "Original", and will be indicated as such by a gray label on the video. At this point, if no more changes are necessary, the video is fully streamable and ready to upload into Trackops (see below).  

Creating Video Clips and Still Images

Often times your videos require clipping and/or concatenation in order to produce a proper video. Trackops offers an easy-to-use clipping tool that allows you to capture clips of a video and optionally merge those clips into a new concatenated video.

To create a video clip, click on the video in question to open it in a preview window. Next, click Create Clips in the upper right.  Next, scrub your video to find the start of your clip, and then click the clock icon under the Clip Start box. At this point, the start time (in seconds) will be auto-populated into the box. Next, scrub your video to find the end of your clip and then click the clock next to the Clip End box. Again, the end time (in seconds) will be auto-populated into the box.  Once you have both a start and end time, click the Create Clip button to generated the clip.  

You can also take still images from your video by scrubbing the video to the image you wish to take and clicking the camera icon in the bottom right of the screen.

When you are done creating clips close the clipping tool, and you will return to the bundle.  You will notice that clips appear nested underneath the original video they were cut from, and they are indicated with a blue Clip tag for easy recognition.

Concatenating Video Clips

If you have multiple videos or video clips, you can easily merge these videos back together using the Trackops concatenation tool. To do this, make sure you're inside a bundle and click the Concatenate button above the file list.  From here, check the boxes next to the videos you wish to concatenate and click Confirm. At this point, a new video will be generated with the selected videos.  

Concatenated videos have a green Concatenated tag associated with them for easy recognition.

Uploading Files into Trackops

Once you have finished processing your videos and images, you can easily upload them into the Files tab of the connected case. To do this, click the Upload button above the file list. From here, check the boxes next to the files you wish to upload. Once you've selected the appropriate files, click the Confirm button at the top of the screen.  

Once a file has been uploaded to Trackops, the file will be marked with a blue uploaded status.



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