API Reference - Fields

Fields are custom built data points that allow customers to capture unique and custom data.

Listing Fields

Returns a collection of field records, optionally filtered by the available request parameters.

GET /api/v1/fields


Available Request Parameters:

Name Type Required Description
id integer no ID of the field.
name string no Name of the field.
field_type integer no ID of the field type.
field_type_tag string no Unique string reference for the field type.


Available Field Types 

Field Type Name Field Type Tag Data Type Description
Address ADDRESS json string Address related properties
Country COUNTRY string 2-character ISO country code.
Date DATE date ISO formated date
Date (Birthday) BIRTHDAY date ISO formatted date
Email Address EMAIL string Valid email address
Input (Long) LONG string Multi-line string
Input (Short) INPUT string Single line string
Money CURRENCY decimal Numeric value
Multiple Choice (Dropdown) SELECT string Valid choice
Multiple Choice (Radio) RADIO string Valid choice
Name (First, Middle, Last) NAME json string Name related properties
Number NUMBER decimal Numeric value
Website (URL) LINK string Valid website address
Yes or No YESNO boolean 1 or 0
Yes, No, or N/A YESNONA boolean 1, 0, or an empty string


Getting a Field

Returns a single case region record, based on the numeric ID.

GET /api/v1/fields/{field_id}

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