Activity Fulfillment Auditing

As a manager, it's often common to be tasked with ensuring investigators have submitted the appropriate required information (e.g. time & expenses, case updates, and case reviews) after preforming an investigation.  This can be a challenging task, especially when the schedule is deep and there are a lot of investigators in the field at once.  To ease this requirement, Trackops offers the ability to track certain types of information on tasks and events to ensure they are properly submitted.


Activity fulfillment configuration is done on a per calendar basis.  To get started, head over to Settings > Calendars and click on the name of a calendar you wish to audit.  From here, scroll down to the Activity Fulfillment section and check the boxes to enable the desired requirements:

  • Expense Entries - The system will ensure that at least one expense entry is submitted by the assigned staff member on each activity.
  • Case Reviews - The system will ensure at least one case review entry (of the selected questionnaire type) is submitted by each assigned staff member.
  • Case Updates - The system will audit to ensure at least one case update is submitted by each assigned staff member assigned to each task or event.


Auditing assignments for requirements is as easy is navigating to Calendar > Activity Fulfillment.  Before you can audit, however, there are criteria that must be in place before auditing can occur:

  1. The task or event must be created after the calendar is configured to track the required items. *
  2. Events must have already started (i.e. the start date/time is in the past) in order to be audited, which ensures the assigned staff member has had an opportunity to start working on the activity.

* Note: If you wish to track an open event after activity fulfillment is already configured, this can be achieved on the event itself.  To do this, navigate to an individual event and locate the Activity Fulfillment block located on the right hand side.  Next, click the refresh icon, and the system will re-evaluate each staff assignment on that event and determine fulfillment based on the current calendar configuration. 

Manual Activity Fulfillment

In the event that a staff member will not be able to submit the appropriate requirements, or if some requirements are not necessary on a specific activity, it is possible to manually mark an activity assignment as fulfilled.  Marking an activity fulfilled will remove the event from audit tracking via the activity fulfillment screen. To manually mark an activity as fulfilled, navigate to the task/event in question and click the Mark Fulfilled link, located within the Activity Fulfillment block.

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