Investigator Quick Start Guide

As an investigator, you may be using Trackops for the first time.  Our aim in this guide is to provide you with basic understanding of our most common features, making it easier for you to get started using the system. 

Before you get started, it's important to know that Trackops is highly customizable and while the information provided below will be relevant to most investigators, your system may look and feel differently based on those customizations. 

Creating Case Updates

Case updates are the primary means of communication within the system.  Using case updates, you can quickly and easily report your findings back to a case, as well as upload photos, documents or videos for your team to review.

Submitting Time & Expenses

After working a job, it's important to document your time, mileage, and other expenses so that you are properly paid for your service.  This video covers the basics of creating a new expense entry and logging your time and expenses.

Processing & Uploading Video with Trackops

Using the Trackops Video Processing app, you can easily drag and drop video from your computer, and have Trackops automatically timestamp it, remove audio tracks, and optimize it for streaming over the internet.  Follow this video for a straightforward getting started guide!

Checking In to your Cases Using the Trackops Mobile App

To improve customer transparency, you may be asked to "check in" when you arrive on-site.  Using the Trackops mobile app, you can quickly and easily identify your upcoming assignments, navigate to the site, and record check-ins as necessary.  This video shows you how to login to the Trackops mobile app and how to perform the functions you need to succeed!

Submitting Daily Case Reviews

If you've been tasked with capturing certain statistics about your daily surveillance or other field activities, this video will show you how to submit a new case review.  Case reviews allow you to fill out important statistics and metrics that help your organization better understand their performance and ROI for clients.

Questions & Support

If you have questions or need assistance with any of our Trackops features, we're here to help.  Please feel free to contact us at or use the Help button in the top right of your Trackops system to submit a support ticket.  We try our best to provide same (business) day responses, so reach out with questions and we'll be glad to help!

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