Purging Deleted Case Data

Whether you have thousands of cases that have reached their statute of limitations, or you have just a couple cases that you want to completely remove from your system, Trackops offers the ability to easily purge existing case data.

Note: To complete a data purge, you must be a Chief Operator with access to your Trackops Account Settings via the Settings tab.

Step 1: Delete the Cases you Don't Want

The first step in this process is to make sure you have manually deleted the cases you no longer want.  Deleting unwanted cases from the system removes them from your every day purview but allows you to recover them in the future in case of accidental deletion or future requirements.

To delete a single case, simply head to the case in question and click the Delete button inside the case.  If you have a lot of cases to remove, you can delete cases en-masse via your case list by checking the boxes next to the cases (or check all at the top) you want to remove and clicking the white Delete button at the top of the list.

Step 2: Search for Cases to Purge

To get started, head over to Settings > Trackops Account Settings, and look for the small Purge Deleted Cases link on the left hand side.

From here, use the search criteria to narrow down the search results if necessary. 

  • Client - Only include deleted cases for a specific client.
  • Date Range - Only include cases within a specific date range.
    • The Date Range By option allows you to change the criteria that determines the date range.

Once you have verified your search criteria click the Search button to find the deleted cases that meet the criteria and will be permanently purged. 

Step 3: Verify the Cases to be Purged

While this step is optional, it's a good idea to make sure that you are only purging cases you'll never need again.  Once you have searched for cases to purge (step 2), you now have the opportunity to verify these cases using the View Cases link located to the right of the Cases to Purge label.

If you discover any cases that you do not wish to include, simply undelete these cases and then re-start the purge process. Once you have confirmed that you case selection looks accurate, continue to step 4 to purge the selected case data.

Step 4: Purge Deleted Cases

If necessary, repeat steps 2 and 3 to search and verify the cases to be purged.  When you're ready to continue, enter your account password to confirm your identity in the space provided and then click the Confirm and Purge Cases button.  

Note: After initiating the purge, it may take some time to complete.  In most scenarios it will only take a couple of minutes, however the process can take substantially longer depending on the amount of case data that is necessary to remove. 

Once complete, you can verify the case data is purged by repeating steps 1 in this article to verify that there are no results found when searching for deleted cases to purge.

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