SSO Identity Provider Guide - Google

This article discusses specific help and information for those using Google as their Identity Provider (IdP) with the Trackops SAML SSO configuration.

Official Documentation

The official Google SAML configuration documentation is located here:

It is recommended to follow the official documentation when setting up the Trackops SAML application inside the Google admin console.

Common Issues when configuring this Identity Provider

I receive "app_not_configured_for_user" when attempting to log in

If you are receiving an app_not_configured_for_user error message when attempting to sign in via Google, the issue could be one of two things:

  1. The Trackops application is not configured to be available for your users.  Refer to the Turn on your SAML app section of the Google documentation (linked above) and make sure your app is configured to be On for everyone.
  2. The user receiving the issue is currently logged in to multiple Google accounts.  If you are logged into a work account AND a personal Google account (e.g. gmail), the login process may fail with this error.  When testing your implementation, be sure to log out of all your google accounts, close your browser, and then re-attempt to log in.

Trackops says there was an error authenticating your account

Be sure the Signed Response box is unchecked when setting up the SAML account inside Google. More information is located in the Google documentation (linked above) under the Set up your own custom SAML app section. Trackops only expects signed assertions, and does not expect the entire response to be signed.

My configuration looks correct, but I still receive errors

If you have recently changed your SAML settings inside the Google configuration and you are still receiving an error, you may need to wait a little longer before those changes are propagated to your Google user account.  According to the Google documentation (linked above), changes typically take effect in minutes, but can take up to 24 hours.  If you have recently changed your settings and are running into errors, wait about 20 minutes and try again.



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