Setting Up your Company Locations

If you operate out of more than one physical office or have independently operating branches or departments in your organization, this article is for you.  One way to keep track of where your investigators are located and where your cases are being worked is through your company locations.

Initially, your system will come with one Main Location.  You can rename this or add additional locations as you please.  You must have one "primary" location at all times, which will serve as the default location throughout the system.  You can change your primary location at any time.

To create a new location, click the Settings tab and then the Company Locations link.

Once a new company location is created, you will be able to assign your staff to this location by creating or editing their user profiles.  You will also be able to choose it as the designated company location when editing or creating a new case.

In addition to organizing data, Company locations can also be used to restrict access to certain staff.  For example, if you have a case manager that is only responsible for one department in your company, you can adjust the user's access level so they can only manage cases within that location.

Restricting Access by IP Address

If you operate out of a single location and want to ensure staff are accessing your system from valid connections, you can restrict logins by IP address or IP mask.  Enter in or paste in any number of valid IP addresses that you wish to restrict access from into the Login IP Addresses field.

Note: Please note, it is possible to lock yourself or other staff members out of the system by entering invalid IP addresses, so use this setting with caution.

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