Creating Payment Slips from Expenses

The final step in any expense management process, is reimbursing your employees for the expenses they incurred.  Trackops offers the ability to quickly generate "Payment Slips", which enables you to easily capture expenses from a given pay period, and mark them when they've been paid.

Step 1: Generating Expense Slips

Before generating payment slips, make sure you have approved all of your expenses.  To double check, you can filter the expense entries list by "Awaiting Review" (and any additional criteria you are using).  If unapproved expenses show up here, make sure you approve them before continuing to generate your expense slips.

To create a new payment slip, click the Expenses tab, and select Entries by Staff from the sub-menu.  From here, filter the list by "Approved", which will give you a list of all your approved expenses that have not yet been attached to an expense slip.  


If you want to only show expenses from a specific date range, or use apply any other criteria to your search, you can click the Advanced link to bring up more search options.


Once you've appropriately filtered the list, all you need to do is select which users you want to generate payment slips for and click the Generate Payment Slips button, above the list.


Step 2: Applying Payments to Expense Slips

The next step is to record the payments that you've made to your employees, and mark the expenses as paid.  To do this, click the Expenses tab, and then click Expense Slips from the sub-menu.   From here, check the boxes next to the slips that are "Awaiting Payment", and click Enter Payments above the list.

Note: You can filter the expense slip list from the search bar to show only slips that are "Awaiting Payment".


On the next screen, fill out the payment slips and click Save Payments, to complete the process.


  • Click Pay All Slips In Full, at the top of the form to automatically populate each slip with the amount due.
  • Multiple payments can be logged on each slip by clicking on the slip number directly.
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