How to Upload Files to Cases

You can upload many types of files to your cases right from within Trackops.  The quickest way to upload a file from inside a case is to click the New button, and then the New File choice from the menu.  Alternatively, you can click the Files tab, and then click the  Upload File link on the right hand side.  

Note: A user must have the permission to Upload Files & Create Folders in order to upload media to your system.

From here, select the appropriate access group, and then click the Browse button, and select the file(s) you wish to upload from your computer;  you can upload up to 5 files at a time.


Note: Only accepted file types will appear in the file browser dialog window.


Once you have selected the file(s), click the Upload Files button to begin the upload process.  The upload progress will be indicated by a file progress meter next to each of the selected files.  Once the uploads are complete, you will be given the ability to change the names of the files, and/or add a description for each (provided you have the permission to Edit Files & Folders).  

Note: If you are uploading video, the length of the video (hours, minutes, seconds) is automatically captured in the system.


Make any changes necessary, and then click the Save Files button.  

Note: If the "Access Group" shows up as not editable, this means that it is attached to a case update.  Files that are attached to case updates must be of the same access group, and therefor must be edited through the update itself.

File Type Reference

File Type View/Watch Online Download Notes
Photos (.jpg, .gif, .png) YES YES Thumbnails are automatically created for these files
Videos (.mp4) YES YES To watch online, videos must use the h.264 codec
Audio (.wav, .mp3) YES YES Most modern browsers will support the ability to preview audio files online. 
All other files NO YES  See a full list of supported media files

File Storage Capacity

When you upload files to Trackops, they do not expire and will count toward your file storage utilization until they are permanently removed by purging deleted case data. If you are at your file storage capacity, the system will prevent you from uploading further files until you increase your storage capacity via your Trackops subscription.

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